Is a Serviced Office Right for You?

A serviced office delivers everything you need to operate your business at one convenient price. Rather than renting the space for a year or multiple years, you can enter into a short term agreement to rent for just a month, or sometimes a matter of weeks. You determine how long you need the space, what equipment and furniture may be needed to operate out of the space, and how you want to operate out of the space. The service provides everything for you, so you can simply move in and start operating.

This means you do not have to spend weeks or months shopping around for professional office space that you can afford to rent long term or purchase outright. You do not have to risk your business by going into debt purchasing luxury office space, since you can get serviced space in the most luxurious business districts. You also do not have to shell out a bunch of money on office equipment and furniture, since that is all provided to you by the serviced office provider.

You do not even have to shell out money on administrative support or IT guys, since that should be provided to you by your office servicer as well. You are handed everything you need to be successful, right down to the secretary welcoming your business guests at the front door. If you need to send a fax, the machine is always there in working order.

Now, you may have to share equipment or some forms of space in a serviced office, but consider the other conveniences you are getting. You may have to arrange for a time slot in the conference room, but once the conference starts all of your guests will be happy, comfortable and right at home. They do not even need to know that the space they are sitting in has been rented for a short period of time. You make a professional presentation and show them that you are all business.

Since the best serviced offices are located in the most prestigious business districts, you can often make more of a professional show than you could ever do on your own. You may not have the money in your business to take on the high price of renting or buying in those districts, but the price of the serviced office may be a lot more affordable. Even if you only take on the space for a short period of time to land investors or clients, it could push you ahead faster than you would grow doing business in a less classy, respectable location.

Everything is important in business, and that includes the street address on your business letterhead. Many small businesses have used serviced offices to get their businesses on a successful path, and many large businesses use these offices from time to time as well. For instance, a small business just trying to get a foot in the industry may share copiers with a large business trying to work around an overflow of employees due to unexpected growth. This is very common in the serviced office business.

Do you think this is the right opportunity for you? Think it through carefully, as this is typically a short term solution to short term problems. If it won’t fit your long term needs, it might not be your best option.

How To Use Bolster Pillows

Some people have bolster pillows in their homes and these are described as long narrow cushions or pillows. People can use these for a number of reasons. They can be used to sleep on just like the normal variety. The difference between this and the regular variety is that they span the entire width of the bed. This offers people uniform support regardless of their posture when they are sleeping.

With the normal variety, people can find that their heads will dip between the pillows. The other kind however, will offer good back support while people are sleeping. They are particularly good for pregnant women and people who have back problems. It is possible to bend them into a V shape and this offers great support while watching television or reading a novel.

These cushions are used worldwide and in the Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and China they have been around for many years. People in the west use the flat variety and are often used for support while sleeping. The Asian countries however have ones that are tubular in shape. These people use them for hugging while they sleep. In countries like Singapore and Thailand, where it is very hot, people do not normally cover up when they sleep and they keep themselves warm in the early hours of the morning by hugging the pillows.

The inside of these cushions are normally down or duck feather. They can also be filled with foam or fiber. There are some that can actually be shaped to fit in with the shape of peoples’ bodies. These are ideal for people who have have neck and back pain as it eases strain in these areas. The outers of the cushions are generally made of washable fabrics that are soft. A variety of different fabrics can be used for the outers of the cushions.

Over time people have also used these to enhance the decor in the home. Beds and couches often have tubular shaped cushions on them for the purposes of decorating. Cushions that are used for these purposes usually have satin, velvet or silk casings. As they come in many colors, they will suit the decor of most homes.

As they are shaped uniquely, they tend to make the room look very different. Other terminology for these cushions are roll, neck or tube pillows. Mixing these with other cushions on the bed gives a whole new look to the bedroom. The same applies if these are used on couches and other similar furniture.

These cushions can be used in children’s rooms as well and they are often filled with small beads. The beads are much like the ones found in beanbags, however they are much smaller. Cushions that are used for children usually have coverings of spandex, lycra or nylon. They have many uses as they can be slept on, used when traveling and for the purposes of watching television.

To enhance the decor in the home even further, many people will hem the bolster pillows with lace or ribbon on either end of the cushions. Another way to make them prettier is to sew buttons in the center of the ends of the tube. People can also cover the seaming with rickrack or cording to decorate the cushions as well.