4 Types of Self Storage Units

Self storage facility rental units differ in sizes as well as shape. Their sizes range from the size of a small closet to a large car garage that is sufficient to fulfil almost all of your needs. Self storage is also extremely flexible and you can choose between short term and long term storage as well as added features such as climate control. There is no “one size fits all” concept in self storage and you choose based on your own needs.

Climate controlled units

These units are extremely popular nowadays due to the type of things people tend to store. It helps to control certain features such as the temperature and humidity levels and this is very important for items such as electronic appliances, art pieces and jewellery. In Singapore, the temperature fluctuates and there is high humidity, accelerating corrosion and growth of fungi and mould. Using a climate controlled unit will help to significantly reduce those from attacking.

Furniture storage units

Furniture storage units are a relatively new concept and the size of the unit is up to the size of a HDB bedroom. As the name suggest, customers rent this unit primary for the storage of furniture and furniture related items such as beds, wardrobes and tables.

Drive up storage units

This is possibly the most convenient storage unit available. The size of the unit is generally large, being roughly the size of a small garage. The good thing about this unit is that trucks can simply drive to the back, unload your items and drive off. This will eliminate the need to carry your items for long distances and risk damaging them.

Vehicle storage units

Vehicle storage units offer unrivalled security features meant for the storage of automobiles such as your luxury cars, antique bikes and personal yacht. Rental cost for berths are extremely expensive and truthfully, your yacht will spend most of its time at the berth, chalking up huge bills. It can offer an alternative solution at a fraction of the price but with top notch security features such as CCTV, fingerprint access and wireless controls.

With so many different kinds of self storage units available, you would need to perform your own research to find out which suits you best. Information is widely available and at your convenience you can also walk in to enquire with the friendly counter staffs, in the nearest stores near you!