4 Types of Storage Services

Self storage is an extremely flexible and versatile form of storage. No matter whether you are looking to store furniture, apparels, documents or even automobiles, there is always a solution for you. If you have decided to utilise self storage for your storage needs, you need to choose a unit that fits your requirements. Let’s discuss some types of storage services and methods available.

Temperature and climate control units

Climate and temperature controlled units are not available in all self storage facilities so you will need to enquire prior to storing. If you are intending to store items which are sensitive and require special attention, you will definitely need a climate controlled unit. Items such as electronic devices and even apparels will appreciate it as moisture can damage the electrical components in the electronic devices and can also cause mould to grow on the cotton fibres.

Automobile units

Automobile units are excellent for the rich who have more than 1 car. Due to a lack of parking space in land scarce Singapore, an alternative solution needs to kick in. Automobile units are a smaller sized garage that allows you to safely park your vehicle in, shielding it from the natural elements such as the sun and rain. Automobile units also provide some form of security systems such as CCCTV, controlled access and even remote locking systems to keep your precious vehicles safe and sound.

Portable units

Portable units are great solutions for the busy people out there. They cost slightly more but are extremely convenient. You simply have to call the storage company and they will send down a container similar to those used in logistics and shipping depending on the size you require. When you have fully filled them up, you simply call them and they will bring back to their facility and stored in a safe environment. When you decide to terminate the lease, they will send back the container to you again.

Drive-up storage

Drive-up storage has doors which are slightly larger to facilitate cars from driving up to the storage unit and unloading their contents, hence the name. This is great for budget conscious consumers who do not wish to pay extra cash to engage the services of professional movers and prefer to move items bit by bit on their own.

Discussed above are 4 types of storage methods and services available in most self storage units. With such awesome features and flexibility, it’s definitely something you do not want to miss out on.